About Us

Accumulated knowledge

Since its creation, twenty five years ago, Chemex International has demonstrated a passion for creating high quality products through a customer focused approach which delivers outstanding value for money.

The quality of the established customer base, from Michelin star restaurants to world class retail operations, provides testimony to the excellence in the product range and trustworthiness of the supply proposition.

Chemex International brings a unique methodology to hygiene, cleaning and infection control supply. Operating a network of local, expert, owner operators sharing a common goal to provide high quality products with a standard of service unmatched in the industry. Chemex International has engendered a high level of trust with UK customers and elsewhere, through efforts that i) maintain a customer’s reputation, ii) lead to improved business performance and iii) provide a common-sense approach to meeting their overall needs.

What makes us different?

We started Chemex Canada with the view to bring the International success story to Canada. While we may be a new part of the Hygiene and Sanitation market, Chemex Canada builds upon 40-plus years of successfully providing innovative and market leading business solutions to Automotive and General Industrial manufacturing operations in Canada. Our history in Canada is one of excellence in meeting the stringent and demanding expectations of these important drivers for the Canadian economy. Our success is reflected in the leading supply position we have earned with the demanding Automotive manufacturers and their equally stringent supply base operating in Canada. We saw in Chemex International, similar business methods that have worked well and have resulted in long lasting supply positions to the Canadian Automotive and Industrial manufacturers.

We will apply the best of these methods to bring you what most benefits your business: effective cost reductions, comprehensive service and quality products. Our goal is providing you Peace of Mind for your business.

Responsive and Responsible

Chemex has provided innovation, expertise and market leading products for every type of industry throughout the Europe. We will continue this approach in Canada.

Whether it’s sparkling utensils or glassware for your customer’s use, entire hygiene systems for food preparation, large scale laundry or dish wash systems, we have the products and expertise to give you peace of mind. Bringing sound hygiene practices to your washrooms or creating unique bacteria to eat oils, fats and greases, Chemex can create the results you need.

Our service enables you to take what you need when you need it. No more waiting weeks for deliveries, inconvenient minimum order quantities or cupboards full of stock! Contact us so we can demonstrate how a focus honed in the Automotive sector can help your business.

Why Chemex?