5 reasons to choose Chemex

1. NO CUSTOMER TOO BIG OR TOO SMALL We love supplying the world’s best restaurant and the world’s biggest ambulance service just as much as supplying the local sandwich shop and our favourite butchers!
2. BELIEVE IT OR NOT WE WANT YOU TO USE LESS Our local expert helps you to control your costs by the following: Delivering free of charge, no minimum order, free training to maximise product use, convenient product sizes, cost effective dispenser and dosing options
3. SECOND TO NONE SERVICE It’s a guarantee. Click here to see what UK customers have to say about Chemex service. Come back often to view Canadian customer comments.
4. THE ULTIMATE CONVENIENCE STORE What you need is the right product for the right job at the right time. Our delivery method ensures that you are never overstocked simply in stock. Saving time, saving effort and saving cost.
5. WE KEEP OUR PROMISES Our local experts are perfectly placed to resolve your cleaning and hygiene issues with knowledge and insight.