Chemex is helping companies to win business by boosting their green credentials.

Corporate social responsibility is now high on the agenda with more and more companies recognising it as a major business driver. Customers, suppliers, investors and the community are all looking for environmental responsibility in companies they deal with.

Chemex International, is committed to a green approach helping its customers to reduce their impact on the environment.

“Companies are becoming increasingly conscious of the environmental impact of their everyday business,” said Melvin Lusty Chemex Chairman.

“We supply a vast range of products and we make sure they are as environmentally sustainable as possible and that helps maintain the green credentials of the companies who use them,” said Mr Lusty.

“There is also a growing need for companies to provide evidence of their green approach in order to continue to be successful.”

Chemex supplies concentrated products containing less water, which means reduced transport volume, reduced packaging, reduced carbon and reduced cost.

With no compromise on performance, Chemex products contain alkali builders where appropriate and acidic compounds where necessary and none of the ingredients causes any issues when the used cleaning solutions are flushed down the drain.

The organic ingredients are biodegradable and the inorganic ingredients become environmentally inert during use; while the pH factor when diluted is also acceptable for disposal to the public drainage system.

“Attention to social, environmental and economic aspects of business activity is increasing. Firms that do not buy in to the idea of corporate social responsibility will find fewer trading partners; consumers will stop buying their products; local communities could withdraw their support and investors will stop buying their stock. Good corporate citizenship makes good business sense.”