BactiZyme Range

Waterless Urinal System

New Biological Treatment for Urinals Did you know that flushing urinals uses more water than anything else in commercial premises? The average urinal flushes every 20 minutes. This equates to…Read More.

Bactizyme Clean and Bactizyme Clean Plus

BactiZyme Clean and Bactizyme Clean Plus is a biological cleaner containing a blend of bacteria together with surface active agents. The bacteria are specially selected strains which produce enzymes to…Read More.

Bactizyme Clean Plus

Bactizyme Clean Plus has been designed to clean urinals where the Chemex Waterless system’s Puck and Cage System is in place. Bactizyme Clean Plus is an optimised combination of enzyme producing bacteria…Read More.


KITCHEN WASTE DEODORISER BactiZyme Bio-Bin has been designed with a unique blend of non-pathogenic bacteria and enzymes that eliminate bad odours found in kitchen waste bins, garbage pails and waste/refuse…Read More.


Landfill sites are generally subject to high levels of complaints from residents within the surrounding area, due to extremely bad odours that permeate across all boundaries. Although most landfill sites…Read More.

Bio-Wash RWT

Slick Slurp

DIGESTS OILY CRUD WHERE OTHER PRODUCTS FAIL! Slick Slurp! literally eats oily crud out of driveways, patios, block paving etc. And it uses friendly bacteria to do it. How cool…Read More.