Landfill sites are generally subject to high levels of complaints from residents within the surrounding area, due to extremely bad odours that permeate across all boundaries.

Although most landfill sites use chemical neutralizers on a daily basis, the sheer volume of waste deposited continuously reinforces the perpetual malodour, which is created by the bad bacteria that is present.

Typically, an average landfill site, which takes 120 metric tons of municipal bio-waste may require over 400 – 500 litres of chemicals per day and even so, can still not gain control over the unpleasant smells that are generated.

The Solution

Bio-Fil Waste Treatment Concentrate is the biological answer to offensive odours.

This specialised biological treatment contains a number of important ingredients, as follows:

  • Free enzymes to kick-start the digestion of organic material, particularly proteinaceous matter that is responsible for unpleasant odours.
  • Millions of “friendly” bacteria, which continue the biological breakdown of waste material. These bacteria produce a battery of enzymes for the degradation of mixed waste, quickly out-competing odour-producing bacteria and utilising biochemical pathways that do not generate malodours.
  • High quality fragrance to deal with the initial problem until the biology begins to take effect.

With these properties, the breakdown of waste material is considerably accelerated and offensive odours are greatly reduced.

Our strains of bacteria will digest the organic matter in the landfill and will out-compete the bacteria producing the bad odour.

The continuous daily spraying on fresh waste will make bad odours a thing of the past and will improve customer relations within a very short period of time.

In fact, in most environments, the effectiveness of Bio-Fil will produce the desired results within 5 to 10 days and will ensure that the landfill site operator does not have to face the usual consequences for ‘malodours’.