Bactizyme Clean Plus

Bactizyme Clean Plus has been designed to clean urinals where the Chemex Waterless system’s Puck and Cage System is in place.

Bactizyme Clean Plus is an optimised combination of enzyme producing bacteria together with surface active agents which effectively cleans low water usage urinals.

Bactizyme Clean Plus is environment friendly, containing naturally occurring “friendly” bacteria which digest dirt and odour causing materials.

  • Eliminates foul odours
  • Helps maintain free-flowing pipe-work
  • Natural biological action – harmless in the environment
  • Reduced water usage

Note: Foul odours can originate from poorly maintained floor drains. This in turn can lead to the mistaken believe that poor cleanliness standards apply to your facility. Treatment of floor drains with Bactizyme Clean Plus (as part of routine maintenance) can overcome this source of malodours, thereby improving your customer’s overall experience.