Slick Slurp


Slick Slurp! literally eats oily crud out of driveways, patios, block paving etc. And it uses friendly bacteria to do it. How cool is that?

Slick Slurp! harnesses nature’s technology to do the jobs you hate – and the jobs nasty, harsh chemicals just can’t hack. Slick Slurp’s billions of friendly bacteria are selected for their love of eating crud – especially those impossible-to-shift drips of engine oil (mmmm!) that make your lovely driveway look nasty.

And it’s the same natural process as making beer, cheese, bread or wine…and where would we be without those?

Call us at 1 800-269-5767 or write to us for more info if you’d like. Some of us can even read! They only work part-time though. You can find us at:

3278 Marentette Avenue in Windsor  …and we’ll put the kettle on. We’ve even got the hang of that new-fangled Interweb thingy.

Slick Slurp! is part of the BactiZyme Range from Chemex. Harnessing Nature’s Technology to do the jobs you hate. And being nice to Mother Nature while they do it.