Waterless Urinal System

New Biological Treatment for Urinals

Did you know that flushing urinals uses more water than anything else in commercial premises?

The average urinal flushes every 20 minutes. This equates to over 1000 litres per week or £150 per year per urinal on average.*1

In some water authority areas this cost can be far higher.

The Chemex Waterless system uses friendly bacteria to digest the deposits that cause odour and blockages rather than chemicals and an awful lot of water – one of nature’s most precious resources.

So what does the our Waterless system do?

  • After 1 week of use, many customers have noticed a positive difference in aroma
  • Friendly bacteria digest the stuff that causes odours and blockages
  • The enzymes in the block reduce limescale and uric acid build up
  • The block also releases a pleasant spice fragrance
  • The system helps to protect the environment by drastically reducing the amount of water used in a washroom environment
  • There are no installation charges
  • Designed to fit the majority of urinals
  • The friendly bacteria are completely safe and natural and are completely environmentally friendly – unlike the chemicals often used in toilets.
*1 variables include: flush volumes, flush frequencies and water charges between different water suppliers

Less water – less odours

Our new environmentally responsible treatment works without using any water other than for routine cleaning. As well as offering significant water savings, the treatment also addresses some of the problems associated with conventional urinals; namely odour, scale, blockage, and subsequent flooding.

Odour is a problem with waterless urinals with most manufacturers offering a countermeasure, usually in the form of a scented block, stick, pad or automatic air fresheners. In reality, odours are usually caused by trap leaks or general hygiene problems around the urinals rather than the lack of water. The new system can help to overcome these problems. In addition:

  • No plumbing changes are required
  • Consistent fragrance over the life of the Bio-Puck
  • Breakdown of uric acid and scale which cause blockages
  • Help in overcoming the big issue of ODOURS

Bactizyme Bio-Puck:

  • Allows you to see at a glance when the block needs replacing
  • The actual block is designed to last for 4 to 5 weeks in an average urinal before the fragrance disappears
  • The unit can be “throwaway” and replace or just replace the block in the existing cage
  • Pleasant cherry fragrance
  • Little or no water usage
  • Simple to install, service and replace
  • Potential for large savings on water costs

Bactizyme Clean Plus

The second part of the Chemex Waterless system uses a biological product called Bactizyme Clean Plus to clean urinals. This product contains bacteria that produce enzymes which digest odours and help prevent blockages and is completely compatible with Bio-Pucks. The regular use of this product creates a colony of active friendly bacteria to build up in the urinal system keeping it clean and fresh.

Please note: Bio-Pucks and Clean Plus are biological products and are NOT compatible with acidic or bleach-based cleaners


A Chemex operator will train your staff in the effective use of the system.