Chemex- helping to drive up cleaning and hygiene standards

Chemex has worked with the transport industry over the last 25 years to develop a comprehensive range of products that has resulted in making vehicle cleaning more cost-effective, safer, simpler and, with the latest products in the range, more environmentally acceptable.

There is an increasing awareness and demand for increased quality among consumers and Chemex believes that this can be achieved by recognising that service is a key factor in ensuring success. Our aim is to ensure that your organisation is well positioned to maintain high levels of quality and service that meet, and hopefully exceed, your customer’s expectations.

High Performance Products

From tire-dressing to TFRs, we offer one of the most comprehensive quality ranges in the marketplace, with products to suit your individual requirements, whatever your budget!

Safe to handle and easy-to-use, our products have been designed to tackle any surface from the very dirty to the very delicate.

In garage workshops and engineering plants, there is constant demand for tough, effective cleaning materials that cut through grease, oil and corrosion ; and for those who work in such environments, gentle yet powerful protection for hands.

We offer expert advice on all aspects of vehicle cleaning and even provide product and WHMIS awareness training for your staff, all part of the service. In addition, we supply equipment for manual and automatic operation, including foam application, surface preparation and product dilution.

Chemex can assist you in maximising customer safety, reducing cross contamination and improving your corporate image. Internally, it can assist to ensure employee safety throughout your organisation, in addition to providing you with cost savings – both in terms of product and staff time.

Call us today to see where Chemex can add value to your business by implementing cost-effective solutions that maximise fleet investment, enhancing corporate image and increasing efficiency.