Non-caustic liquid concentrated grime remover

Superplus can be used as premium a traffic film remover for touchless cleaning of vehicles and for for heavy duty cleaning of non-porous floors and a wide variety of hard surfaces.

Superplus is used as a traffic film remover where paintwork or livery is sensitive to strong cleaning materials. Superplus cleaning solutions do not damage expensive vehicle decals or decorative transfers.

Superplus contains non-ionic and amphoteric surface active agents to rapidly wet surfaces and soils. It contains sequestrant to solublise earth metal salts and mild alkali to accelerate the sequestration process.  In vehicle washing this causes the soil binders to dissolve and allows the particulate soils to be flushed away without the use of sponge or brushes.

When Superplus is used for cleaning floors a similar process takes place. Foot-borne dirt from outside has similar characteristics to road film.

Superplus is used for cleaning the safety flooring inside buses and ambulances as well as tiled and plastic flooring in public areas, hotels, etc.

Superplus has a nominal actives content of 23%. It must be diluted before use.

For cleaning vehicles Superplus is usually applied through a pressure washer. Where there is a Venturi jet it should be set to deliver at a dilution of up to 160:1 depending on level of soiling and water hardness. Softer water requires less chemical. Your Chemex representative can advise on setting the dilution to the most economical and efficient level by using a titration test kit to test the strength of the cleaning solution as it leaves the nozzle.

Superplus can also be used as a pre-clean before vehicles are passed through a spray arch. It is diluted 10:1 with water and is applied to the vehicle paintwork through a low pressure sprayer, similar to a garden sprayer. The solution is left in contact with the vehicle for about 1 minute then rinsed with plain water, preferably via a pressure washer.

Superplus can also be applied using a long handled brush from a bucket.

The product should be diluted 20:1 with water and applied by brush to the vehicle.

This is particularly suitable for cleaning difficult to reach areas such as behind truck cabins and wheel spoke crevices and is often a supplement to pressure washing or arch washing.