Great cleaning and hygiene standards should be synonymous with a reputable care provider. Chemex understand that to provide the best level of service being clean is just the beginning. Our infection control range and easy to use everyday products will help you guarantee a great environment for staff, residents and families alike.

The supply of product does not end with delivery; the Chemex team up and down the country treat the delivery of product as only one part of the process.

The process usually starts with identifying the problem that a customer is seeking a solution for, and matching a product to it.

They then demonstrate the solution to solve the problem.
Products are supplied in packaging sizes to suit the customer.
No wonder a high proportion of Chemex business is repeat orders.

Our growth over 25 years has been exponential by

Healthcare Essentials

Products that can help your establishment provide great levels of care

  • No minimum order value
  • No carriage charge
  • Emergency 24 hour delivery or sooner
  • Personal service by the local business owner
  • Health and safety information
  • Training given, free of any charge
  • Stock control programmes
  • Specialist market support programme
  • Wall charts and control programme
  • Risk assessment guidance
  • Health and safety classification programme