Bacticlean – Hard surface cleaner and sanitiser

Hard surface cleaner and sanitiser

Bacticlean contains a broad-spectrum biocide as well as agents designed to be particularly effective for removing body fats, blood, grease and grime. The product leaves a pleasant, long-lasting fragrance.

It is also highly effective against enveloped viruses such as Influenza A including serovars H1N1 and H5N1.

Bacticlean is a neutral liquid concentrate designed for use at high dilution for cleaning and disinfecting all hard surfaces.

It contains a synergistic combination of non-ionic and amphoteric surface active agents for rapid wetting and high performance grease and fat removal. It also contains a high proportion of a quaternary ammonium biocide allowing it to be used highly diluted as a cleaning and disinfectant solution. Bacticlean is used in bathroom and washroom areas to clean baths, showers sinks and other bathroom furniture. Its wetting and grease cutting power enables it to rapidly remove body fats and leave porcelain, tiles, mirrors and stainless steel sparkling clean.

Bacticlean can very often replace all other washroom cleaners and disinfectants apart from a de-scaling toilet cleaner. Bacticlean is pleasantly fragranced with a floral perfume to leave the washroom smelling fresh and clean. Bacticlean is used for cleaning and disinfecting ambulance interiors. The ambulance “make-ready” system allows for specialist staff to clean and disinfect the ambulance interior with Bacticlean and at the same time check and replenish the essential paramedic supplies. This system allows the highly qualified paramedics to do the job they are trained for.

Bacticlean is safe to use on virtually all hard surfaces. It will not attack paintwork, plastics or metals. It is used to wipe over sun-beds and poolside furniture to remove body fats and sanitise. Bacticlean is always used diluted with water making the costs of the “in use” solution very economical.