Cleaning Products


The Chemex laundry system Our laundry products are designed for maximum cleaning power combined with efficiency and convenience at point of use. From care homes to hotels and boarding schools…Read More.


Take a shine to it with Chemex Complete floor care system. Whatever the type of floor or your particular cleaning problem, Chemex has developed a wide range of floor cleaners…Read More.

Odour Control

We help businesses control and eliminate any unpleasant odours (inside and outside.)   If staff, customers or residents encounter a bad odour they immediately develop an opinion about the cleanliness…Read More.


Remember that many customers judge the overall hygiene standard of your business by the standard of your washrooms. Our Washroom system ensures that a quality experience is complimented by impeccable…Read More.


As a valued-added service to the Chemex offering, we can offer a Dishwash (Warewash) check-up. Our experts will be able to offer you: Descaling Process review against sanitary standards Unblocking…Read More.

Hand Hygiene

The most common way germs are spread is by people’s hands. Germs are often harmless but they can also cause illnesses such as colds, flu, and stomach bugs. Washing your…Read More.