Dishwash products

Ultra Clean

Product Code:1303 Available in:5 litre / 20 litre

Product Description:Automatic dish wash detergent ideal for use in all types of automatic dishwashers

Ultra Clean H

Product Code:1316 Available in: 5 litre / 20 litre / 205 litre

Product Description:Highly concentrated commercial dish wash detergent with extra water softeners making it ideal for use in hard water areas.

Al Safe

Product Code:1320 Available in: 5 litre / 20 litre /205 litre

Product Description:Powerful, yet non-caustic machine dish wash detergent for use on aluminum pans and utensils.

Machine Wash

Product Code:1321 Available in: 5 litre / 20litre / 205 litre

Product Description:Economical automatic dish wash detergent.

Glass Wash Premier

Product Code:1317 Available in: 5 litre

Product Description:Superior low foam glass wash detergent for automatic machines.

Rinse Aid

Product Code:1330 Available in: 5 litre /20 litre / 205 litre

Product Description:An economical rinse aid which produces a dry gleaming finish.  For use in glass wash and dish wash machines.

Dish wash Powder (10Kg)

Product Code:3241 Available in:10 kg

Product Description:Dish Wash Powder for commercial dishwashers. Effectively removes stains at low costs of use.

Destainer LT

Product Code:1380 Available in:5 litre / 20 litre

Product Description:Sodium hypochlorite based stain remover for kitchen equipment and utensils.  This 12% active chlorine product is effective over a range of concentrations (see the Tech data sheet for dilution ratio and corresponding parts per million of active chlorine.)

Descale NP

Product Code:1381 Available in:5 litre / 20 litre

Product Description:Lime scale remover for commercial dishwashers. Concentrated phosphoric and nitric acid product.


Product Code:1331 Available in: 5 litre / 20 litre

Product Description:Low foaming glassware and glass wash machine specialty detergent.  Restores sparkle and shine to glassware, also removes bloom and tannin stains from drinking glasses and cups.