Take a shine to it with Chemex Complete floor care system.

Whatever the type of floor or your particular cleaning problem, Chemex has developed a wide range of floor cleaners and floor treatments, ranging from heavy duty strippers to neutral, natural wax products which can be used to clean and buff simultaneously.

Chemex have developed a wide range of floor cleaners and floor treatments including strippers, polishes and general floor maintenance. Our applications are proven to deliver fast, effective cleaning of all hard floor surfaces.

We understand that high quality professional cleaning and maintenance products delivered at the right price, at the right time, is crucial to the success of the service you offer!

1.     Strip with Chemex Hi-Strip floor polish stripper. This product contains a blend of non-caustics alkalis, detergents and solvents which are specially selected to penetrate metalized floor polish.

2.     Neutralise floor with water using a mop and bucket

3.     Seal with Hi-Seal for porous floors. Chemex Hi-Seal provides a hard-wearing and detergent resistant semi-gloss seal. This product can be used for sealing concrete floors and semi-porous floors including vinyl, linoleum, thermoplastic rubber, wood and cork.

4.     Gloss with Hi-Gloss metalized floor polish. This product is formulated to be hard-wearing, scuff and slip-resistant and excellent leveling properties. Reliable, hard-wearing, scuff and slip resistant.

5.     Buff with Floorchem Spray and Buff. This is a natural blend of detergents and waxes to clean, freshen and maintain a high gloss.

The Chemex floorcare range can clean any floor or hard surface efficiently and effectively.

For areas such as hotels, guest houses, front of house applications in bars and restaurants, schools, offices, gyms and leisure centres we have a range of commercial strength hard surface cleaners, air fresheners, glass cleaners and polishes.

Whether removing grease and fat in food preparation areas, oil on concrete, or maintaining your polished floor, Chemex has a solution. We also supply floor cleaning products containing pleasant, natural fragrances which will leave the entire area clean and fresh. Unlike many fragranced products, ours contain natural plant extracts rather than chemical-based artificial scents.

We have also developed a range of hard surface cleaners and polishes to complement our range of floor cleaning products, all of which can be used safely on most surfaces ensuring a professional finish.

Fewer applications means cost savings for you – both in terms of product and staff time – and our infection control offers you total peace of mind when cleaning communal areas.