Textured Safety Flooring

Textured Safety Flooring is used widely in the catering industry. The problem that many people have with this flooring is that because it is grainy and slip-resistant is is difficult to clean. If this is a problem that you have, Chemex would love to introduce you to Bactizyme Clean.

Completely environment friendly – Bactizyme Clean contains naturally-occurring “friendly” bacteria which digest dirt. It creates natural biological eco-systems to produce biodegrading enzymes. The product remains effective after mopping has finished.  It also leaves a pleasant fragrance – and digests odour causing organic soils. The ability to continually digest fats, greases and oils returns the non-slip properties to textured safety flooring.

This product is also very effective on high-traffic floors such as buses and trains. Best of all, it continues to work well after the initial application. The soil digesting bacteria get right in to crevices and corners where dirt builds up.

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