The Chemex laundry system

Our laundry products are designed for maximum cleaning power combined with efficiency and convenience at point of use.

From care homes to hotels and boarding schools to holiday parks Chemex have the experience, know how and products to help ensure that you make a good impression with your laundry and linens  time after time.

Your local Chemex expert will analyse your laundry operation and will recommend you the best solution for your  business’s individual needs.  They will also be available for any problems that require more attention so that you can have the peace of mind that your operations will continue to run smoothly.

Product delivery and equipment installation is only the start, your Chemex expert will also help with WHMIS requirements and advise you on any relevant legislation.

Our automatic dosing system provides the most effective way to ensure that the correct dose of product is used at the right time every time. We supply, install and routinely maintain the pump units.

Automatic dosing:

  • Good results with accurate dosing every time
  • NO expensive wastage by overdosing + NO messy spillage
  • Fewer breakdowns – Manual dosing allows clogging of machines tubes
  • NO direct contact with potentially hazardous substances
  • Better quality products and more cost effective than manual dosing which means savings

If you are looking for a system that can automatically regulate detergent levels in your laundry machines, dishwashers and glasswashers then a look at our auto dosing systems is a must. We also offer complete after sales service on all our products.

Industrial Launtowelsdry Chemicals

From detergent to bleaching fluids, Chemex has a complete range of industrial cleaning chemicals. If you are looking for industrial laundry chemicals including specialised products for your organisation, we are confident we can meet all your requirements.