Stables – UK

Horse rider Hilary Shuttleworth decided to try out a cleaner called Bactizyme Clean Plus at the UK stables where she keeps her 10 year old  Irish thoroughbred Mr Bojangles.

Hilary was delighted to find that a quick spray of the stable floor completely eradicated all odours and replaced them with a fresh minty fragrance.

Bactizyme Clean Plus is an organic product using naturally occurring bacteria to eliminate  foul smells from waste matter and is used by hospitals and residential nursing homes across the UK.

Hilary, who lives at Great Barr near Birmingham said: “I guess like a lot of amateur riders who have full time jobs, I only have time to give Mr Bojangles’  a thorough clean out once a week and his stable tends to get very smelly.

“The company I work for sells Bactizyme Clean Plus as a solution to eradicate human waste odours and I thought I would experiment with it to see if it also worked on stables.

“I was delighted to find that it does and I have given it to my friends to try out too and they have had the same results.

“It is so simple you just spray a small amount on a damp floor and that’s it – no more nasty smells.”

“Bactizyme Clean Plus has been a great success in care homes and hospitals but we never thought  for one minute of using it for stables.”

“Horse urine has a particularly powerful odour but we have tested Bactizyme Clean Plus and it destroys odours instantly and it is perfectly safe too.”

The Bactizyme Clean Plus product is suitable for use in stables, transport boxes and a number of other areas.