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Stoke City already onto a winner for new season thanks to new hi-tech signing

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STOKE CITY’S Premier League campaign is guaranteed to be flushed with success next season after the Club signed up to a new environmentally friendly defender.

Spending a penny at the Britannia Stadium actually costs the club tens of thousands of pounds in water charges.

But now a local company has put forward a solution which will bring savings of as much as £45,000 a year.

Hygiene and cleaning specialists Chemex are supplying hundreds of biological cleaning devices which drop into urinals and drastically reduce water usage.

The average urinal flushes at least once an hour using 1,000 litres of water a week costing around £150 a year. Stoke City have 150 urinals in the ground and attract average crowds of 27,000.

City’s Chief Executive Tony Scholes commented: “It makes sound business sense to introduce a system which saves the Club a significant sum of money each year, while we have for some time now been committed to exploring ways in which we can help to protect the environment.

“Cutting down on water consumption with this new device comes on top of the fact that we have signed up to the 10:10 Stoke-on-Trent campaign to cut carbon emissions by 10% this year and have a working group in place which looks at all forms of energy conservation.”

Chemex use a simple toilet block and cage which uses natural enzyme technology to keep urinals smell free and blockage free -eliminating the need for regular flushing.

Stoke City is the first Premier League club to sign up to the new device thanks to smart footwork by Chemex franchisee for Stafford Chris Lunn.

“We provide free training for the club’s cleaning staff and it was during one of these sessions that I was able to tell them about this new invention,” said Chris.

“Once the club realised just how much money they could save with minimal outlay they didn’t need much convincing to sign up.”

It’s not just football clubs who are using the device with hotels, restaurants, pubs, schools and colleges all showing a keen interest in its green credentials and money saving abilities.

Chris added: “It’s not just big businesses that can benefit but smaller ones too. The whole thing works through environmentally-friendly enzymes and there is no need for any plumbing changes – simply drop the block and cage into the urinal and start saving water.”